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Environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy

We are aware that in achieving our economic targets, the company must not simply seek to make a profit at the expense of providing of a Quality service and ignoring the impact of its activity on the Environment and Society. The scope of this policy covers our accommodation and restaurants.

Therefore, we have established the following principles in our QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY:

  • Integration of the Quality and Environment system in the company’s strategy, forming part of the development and sustainability of the business.
  • To the best of our ability, prevent pollution, save energy and natural resources, reduce and manage waste, and respect and protect our cultural and social environment.
  • Promote internal communication at all levels of the organization and also external communication, promoting a value system that includes environmental awareness.
  • Continuous improvement of service and processes.

For this we commit to:

  • Exceed the expectations of our clients with a personalized service, anticipate their needs and create links with them.
  • Continuous training and motivation of our staff since it is the people who make the difference and who are our best and most important asset, with special emphasis on professional development.
  • Risk analysis, maintenance and periodic review of all our facilities to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction, incorporating technologies that increase the value of the hotel and the comfort of our customers.