Data protection policy

The objective of this policy is to publicize the requirements of Law No. 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law and its Regulations approved by Supreme Decree 003-2013-JUS, as well as guarantee its compliance.

About the Guiding Principles

COMPAÑIA HOTELERA BAMA S.A.C., undertakes to comply with the guiding principles established by the Personal Data Protection Law during the processing of personal data.

About the Obtaining, Processing and Transfer of Personal Data

Obtaining personal data is done through written means, electronic records, public access sources, among others, they are part of our data banks for which we are owners and responsible.

All processing of personal data will be subject to the free, express and informed consent of the owner.

Personal data may be processed for the fulfillment of our hotel services and electronic invoicing, for the selection and administration of people, for the attention of third party professional services, for the sending of advertising and commercial prospecting, for statistical and historical purposes and for profile analysis.

Personal data will only be transferred with the consent of the owner, except when required by public administration companies, judicial and / or police authorities, as long as this is established by law.

The necessary policies and procedures have been defined to guarantee the security of personal data, in order to avoid any alteration, loss and / or unauthorized treatment or access, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

About the Use of Cookies

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About Sanctions

COMPAÑIA HOTELERA BAMA S.A.C., reserves the right to initiate legal or disciplinary actions, as appropriate, against people or companies whose actions do not adhere to this Policy.