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ANANAY HOTELS aims at providing its guests and customers top-quality services and products giving priority to health, welfare, comfort and environment protection. We guarantee continuous improvement by complying legal requirements and other applicable agreements in this sector. Our collaborators are our cornerstone; we encourage and train them on a continuous basis.

Hospitality protocol

Setting prevention, supervision and control measures at the Hotel facilities in order to prevent Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) spread and infection to our collaborators, guests or visits.

Customer service chain:


  1. Previous electronic check-in at the website, online or other. 
  2. Confirmation of the booking will be sent electronically. 
  3. Transfer will be performed by the travel agency or prior coordination with the Hotel (3 hours in advance minimum)

Check in

When arriving to the hotel, wearing a mask is mandatory (face shield is optional).

  1. Clean your hands with gel or alcohol at the entrance.
  2. Temperature will be taken (if over 37°C, the hotel’s protocol will be followed).
  3. Guests will leave their luggage at the entrance and the concierge will disinfect it.
  4. Go to Reception for identification and pickup your room key. Social distancing will be kept.


  1. We will give you certain recommendations for the use of furniture and equipment in your room.
  2. We will coordinate with you the time for housekeeping.
  3. A sanitizing product – and the related sign- will be provided in your room.
  4. During housekeeping, the room will be properly ventilated.
  5. The room will be kept ventilated as long as possible.

Common areas

  1. All common areas will have hand sanitizing gel.
  2. Proper signs with recommendations to prevent Covid-19 spread will be placed.
  3. Common areas will be disinfected following the hotel protocol.
  4. Paper towels will be used in common areas restrooms.
  5. The required maximum capacity of people will be never exceeded in common areas.


  1. Orders are previously selected from a menu online.
  2. Before entering the restaurant, sanitizing gel must be used.
  3. All cutlery will be placed on table in the presence of the guest.
  4. Cleaning and disinfection of the table will be performed after each service.

Room service

  1. Guests may request room service.
  2. It should be ordered duly in advance to take all hygiene measures.
  3. Pickup and cleaning after the service will be previously coordinated with the guest or performed upon the guest’s request.

Check out

  1. A proforma invoice will be sent electronically one day before departure.
  2. Payment will be made through electronic banking, credit card or cash prior coordination with the guest.
  3. In case of credit/debit card or cash, proper disinfection.
  4. Transfer will be made by the travel agency or prior coordination with the hotel (3 hours in advance minimum).