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Mision, Vision and Values


From our origins, the search for quality and excellence have been our main objective, which translates into the opportunity to offer each client an unforgettable experience. Likewise, we maintain a firm environmental commitment, with the desire to preserve our environment.


Our intention is to remain as a reference company in the tourism sector, exceeding the expectations of each client and satisfying all their needs. Aspects such as quality, creativity, transparency and social and environmental commitment are what mark and will continue to define our trajectory.


Innovation and quality at customer service

We are open to new technological trends and we have the best equipment and computer systems for management and reservations such as FNS ROOMS. Likewise, the search for excellence in service requires us to have the best professionals, who receive training that follows the latest lines of innovation.


Employees as added value

Our workers are the main bastion of the company and what allows us to achieve the best quality standards to make the client feel at home. Our workers make the group’s values ​​their own, which in turn seeks to enhance their creativity and participation. The key to the success of the company goes through the good daily work of each of the teams that make it up.


Social and environmental commitment

Our processes are marked by a firm environmental commitment, which we have managed to transfer to both employees and suppliers. Our Environmental Management System, in continuous review, allows us to minimize any environmental impact.


We value the Peruvian product

We have in use and on offer only quality products from Peruvian wineries, Peruvian distillers, Peruvian producers, jams, cheeses, yogurt, all the inputs that are used basically for Food and Beverages.

It is part of our philosophy and to be committed to the minimal or almost non-existent use of plastic in hotels, because it goes with our way of working and seeing how the world should be in general.


Heritage Conservation

All our hotels are located in locations of high tourist, monumental, scenic or historical value, which is an added value for all our clients. Comfort alternates with modernity, and the environment is a hallmark of our establishments, which have been designed and decorated respecting the idiosyncrasies of the places where they are located. The result is hotels with their own personality that reflect like a mirror the culture of the place to which they belong.

We are focused on having a property with a patrimonial value where we can restore and preserve it and bring it back to use, and have this privilege of having buildings that have life again and we can offer them again to the tourist or traveler.


Thinking in the future

Clients are aware that our establishments can offer them something more than what they find in a conventional hotel. From the first moment they are the protagonists of an Ananay experience, which constitutes our best letter of introduction.